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Santa Maluco’s new Vegan menu makes for happy Mondays

By Rob Doyle

I FEEL sorry for vegans of yesteryear. It was hard enough trying to find a vegetarian option back in the day but your vegan had sparse choice when it came to eating out.

But while there are thankfully many more restaurants catering for those who want to live a cruelty-free life these days, sometimes someone does something to surprise and delight – such as Santa Maluco’s Vegan Mondays.

We stumbled into the pizzeria, at the Town Hall end of Castle Street, on a Monday night hoping there would be something on the menu for myself and my partner. To find out that there were EIGHT plant-based pizzas on offer was reason to smile enough but then to discover that for a single price we could sample them all and have as much or as little as we wanted almost had me clapping my hands

Santa Maluco’s Vegan Mondays are a treat for anyone who follows a plant-based or Vegetarian diet or who just wants to eat a healthier pizza.

The restaurant works in the rodízio all-you-can-eat style of Brazilian eateries. You are given a little wooden spinner which you set to “hungry”, “having a break” or “for god sake’s I couldn’t eat another thing”. Actually that last one is made up but that is how we felt after working our way through the generous slices on the Monday menu.

Some of the pizzas were memorable. One called Return of the Mac mocks up the taste of a McDonald’s cheese burger, another called What the Duck had subtle Chinese flavours with fake fowl done in a char sui style.

Our favourite was the Lo Pan, a spicy Asian powerhouse of curry and sriracha that felt like a Bollywood musical in your mouth.

14 slices later. Yes, dear reader, 14, we set the spinner to stop, unable to even contemplate the dessert pizza on offer, which promised the decadence of chocolate, strawberries and cream.

Santa Maluco is a gem of a place, with cool canteen style décor, delicious drinks – including ice cold Brazilian beer, cocktails and a vegan Five Dollar Shake. Whoever playlists the music also deserves a mention as it was pop perfection.

Vegan Mondays? Happy Mondays!

Santa Maluco,
2 Castle Street,  Liverpool, L2 0NA

Tel: 0151 236 5646



Vegan Monday rodizio (all you can eat) £10.95 before 4pm or £15.95 after 4pm. Five dollar shake £8.

All ingredients on menu 100% vegan. All full pizzas on the regular menu are still available for those that require them (take my advice and try the meat-free ones).


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