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Interview with Dom Coyote

THOSE of you lucky enough to have seen Kneehigh’s The Tin Drum at the Everyman recently would have witnessed the wonderfully-named Dom Coyote doing his stuff as the Story Teller. He really impressed, and as he’s got his own show coming up at the Everyman over Halloween, ANDY GREEN thought it would be a good opportunity to find out some more about the man.

So tell us a bit about Dom Coyote? I’ve heard you’re interested in shamanism…

“Ha! Shamanism, yep, it’s a lifelong obsession. It’s a really broad term for lots of different things, often to do with building a bridge between our world and another one. I spent time in South Africa in my twenties, working with musicians and artists connected to all of this, and it was really exciting. 

“What more to tell you? Well, I’m a music maker and a theatre maker, I have my foot in both camps, I’m interested in the line between both art forms. I want audiences to experience things in a hi-octane, explosive way, to be on the edge of their seats, and forget where they are entirely.”

You recently appeared in The Tin Drum at the Everyman and spent time rehearsing in the city – thoughts on Liverpool?

“Yes I’m on an epic tour with Kneehigh theatre as a performer in the Tin Drum. It is immense. The audiences in Liverpool were amazing. I’d never been to the city before and it blew me away. People are so friendly and empowered and passionate about stuff. Definitely a city I could live in.” 

You’re returning to the Everyman with Songs For The End Of The World over Halloween, what can people expect from the show?

“Songs for the End of the world is an electric, rock n roll sci-fi rollercoaster. It’s full of all my favourite things. I wanted to make something that nobody has ever seen before but that is totally engaging. I think we’ve achieved that. 

“It’s a real cross between a big old rock gig and epic theatre piece. Me and my band the Bloodmoneys all play instruments throughout the show, but everyone becomes a character in an apocalyptic near-future England, New Albion. It’s got a fair pinch of Bowie and Tom Waits in there, and it’s inspired by weird and wonky sci-fi. The story itself is loosely adapted from Philip K.Dick’s novel, Dr Bloodmoney. It’s a brilliant night out and a totally different experience.” 

So, what’s next for Dom Coyote?

“Well I’m on tour with Kneehigh now until the end of the year, with a few days off to bring Songs for the End of the World to the North. Then in 2018, I’m making a new solo piece called We Can Time Travel, with a bucket load of synthesizers, drum machines and cassette tapes. And yep, it’s about Time Travel.” 

Songs For The End Of The World is at the Everyman on Nov 1.

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