Nine Dots Creative to get North West freelancers collaborating

A LIVERPOOL-based graphic designer is challenging the traditional creative agency model with a design collective that invites freelancers to collaborate.

Lyndsey set up Nine Dots Creative after she saw the benefits of working collaboratively herself, and urges creative freelancers to stop seeing each other as the competition, start collaborating and reap the benefits.

She said: “My partner is a web developer. A web developer and a graphic designer sounds like a match made in heaven; there are so many projects we can work on together.

But I didn’t want to stop there. If we worked with copywriters, photographers, social media experts, marketing gurus and other creative professionals, we could offer all the same services as a traditional design agency.

It gives the freelancer a competitive edge; they can now compete for the bigger projects. At the same time, they don’t lose any of the freedom they love from their freelance career.

It’s about more than just the recognition and bigger projects though. Working as a freelancer can sometimes be a lonely existence. There’s a support network for when times get tough. There’s a little group of people to bounce ideas off, and get some of that all-important constructive criticism on your latest work.

It benefits the clients too. They can have a bespoke team for their project needs – we get the brief, and we find the best people for it.  There are less overheads working this way, meaning we can be very competitive on cost.

We can also be more agile than a traditional agency – bringing more people in as needed, or if a project needs turning around really quickly, finding someone who has capacity to do so.”

Following its inception, Nine Dots Creative has set up a networking event called Connect the Dots to bring creative freelancers in the city together on a regular basis.

They’ve recently launched a new website, and Lyndsey has been meeting with freelancers across the city to discuss potential collaborative opportunities.

To find out more about Nine Dots Creative and the Connect The Dots networking event, visit or email