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New exhibition at dot-art

The Art of The Print: 6th October – 11th November, dot-art Gallery

dot-art Gallery’s new exhibition, The Art of The Print opens on Friday 5th October and will showcase the work of eight local artists; Bryn Davies, Helen Conway, Mark Reeves, Michael James, Nathan Pendlebury, Alistair Parker, Marianthi Lainas and Jessica Keeler. Each artist in this exhibition explores different methods of printing both traditional and experimental, manual and photographic. For this collection, we observe the distinctive variations of print and how elements from different printing methods strongly characterise the artwork on the surface.

Bryn Davies is a fine art photographer and Licentiate at the British Institute of Professional Photography. His collection for this exhibition offers a contrast to his striking, architectural photography and presents a softness through light drawings of natural forms; Japanese Kussharo trees and static landscapes, lending inspiration from his time spent in Eastern Asia. Bryn’s use of organic materials such as handmade rice paper showcases his affinity for experimental medium.

Inspired by urban street art and graffiti writing, Helen Conway incorporates her experiences exploring different urban landscapes, harnessing her inspiration from rapid regeneration and city decay. Her stitched photographic collages in this exhibition hold together unique fragments of Liverpool’s well known landmarks. Fractured local iconography and textural fonts are sewn together creating nostalgic urban mood boards.

Wirral-based Mark Reeves has always had a strong preference for outdoor photography, having spent a lot of his time in the beautiful coastal and mountainous landscapes of the British Isles. His abstract photography includes intentional camera movement to emphasise the interchangeable presence of nature. Mark says:

“My images were taken in the mountains and on the coasts of Scotland, England and Wales; environments where nature’s presence dominates over that of man’s. These are wild places which, despite the images we see on postcards, can be dangerous and inhospitable. The weather changes rapidly in such places and I have chosen to portray my subjects in haunting moods.”

Michael James is a Liverpool based artist interested in portraiture and architectural drawings. He works in various media and in this exhibition has used bold lino printing to showcase minimal planes of colour in vibrant portraits of Liverpool’s historic architecture.

Nathan Pendlebury studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University from 1993 to 1996 specialising in painting. His collection of works shows pure abstraction in dynamic and striking form. He layers bold statements and amalgamates different media to create ambiguous patterns. His photography in this exhibition capture natural scenes that are jarringly quiet and contemplative, the Polaroid prints creating a sense of timelessness.

Alistair Parker’s current work connects his observations of people with the urban space they occupy. His fascination for the rapidly decaying and disappearing cityscape, particularly the classic seaside resort, presents a collection of work filled with nostalgia and intrigue. Bringing together a fusion of photography, digital imaging and fine art, the approach taken is highly experimental and combines a range of unconventional materials and processes in addition to the more traditional art media.

Having spent her life living by the coast, Marianthi Lainas’ work is predominantly inspired by the shifting sands, dune systems and flowing skies that she encounters on daily basis. Her series of botanical prints further reveals her affection for the organic; bringing the outside inside, in a collection of beguiling still photographs of plants and flowers.

Jessica Keeler is a self-taught printmaker who originally studied Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University. Jessica creates both one colour prints and reduction prints as an exploration of her interpretations of rhythms and patterns noted from nature and places.

The exhibition starts on Friday 6th October and runs to Saturday 11th November. Entry is free.

The dot-art Gallery can be found at 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX (just 5 minutes’ walk from Liverpool One). Opening times: Monday – Saturday, 10am-6pm





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