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Tactical thinking, not quick fixes, show the way to goal

Tony Reed is head of sales at commercial property firm Bruntwood and a board member of business organisation Professional Liverpool

THE transfer window evokes lots of different responses from different people.

From the hugely inflated transfer fees and the complexities of foreign ownership to the errant employees agitating for a ‘new challenge’ or the disgruntled punters shouting into a social media vacuum, it’s a time of year that is guaranteed to draw a passionate reaction from many of us.

Putting my foot on the ball and taking a wider view, it also makes me acknowledge the importance of long-term planning and the benefits of sticking to a strategy, no matter what obstacles or dissenting voices we may face.

Take Tottenham Hotspur, for instance, who have occupied the top places in the Premier League for the past two seasons and are run by a strong-minded and occasionally ruthless chairman, ably assisted on the factory floor by a young, talented leader.

Throughout the summer, they eschewed calls to sign just anyone and instead bided their time and picked up three high quality new players in the final week, losing just one in the process, and thereby leaving themselves in an even stronger position than they were before.

That approach is likely to pay off again this season and beyond as the club embarks upon a major relocation.

This is good business sense in practice.

Other clubs have been less coherent, however, with some discarding talent on a whim, having high profile disagreements or taking a disjointed, scattergun approach to recruitment.

Several already have their managers’ roles in peril, which in turn leaves big question marks over the longer-term decision making at boardroom level.

Making knee-jerk decisions is often a bad idea for any business; occasionally they can pay off, but in my experience this is the exception rather than the rule.

Nobody is perfect, of course. Indeed, Tottenham themselves have been guilty of this in the past – it became known as “doing a Sissoko” – but it’s just as important to learn from such mistakes.

Businesses in any sector owe it to themselves, their staff and their stakeholders to plan effectively for the long term as it allows them to be proactive instead of reactive and avoid any major headaches when they have a dip in form.

Airport is soaring

I WAS delighted to see that the latest phase of refurbishment has been completed at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The airport plays such a crucial role in connecting us with the rest of the world and acting as a gateway to the entire Liverpool City Region.

For hundreds of thousands of tourists, businesspeople and potential investors that land at LJLA every year, it is the first experience they have of Liverpool, so it’s vital that the airport continues to create a positive first impression.

It’s all part of a wider infrastructure picture that must constantly evolve to keep the city region up to date and make it a viable option for global inward investment and large international events such as the Commonwealth Games.

With another £2m phase due to get underway in the coming months, we can look forward to an airport that continues to reflect the modern, world-class environment and facilities that are now abundant in our region.

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