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Halloween fright night treats are so good this year it’s scary

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I CAN’T believe I am writing about Halloween already, it feels like half an hour ago that we were taking the Christmas tree down and singing “Auld Ang Syne”.

This year has flown by and what fun we have had so far, we have welcomed everyone from Take That and Mickey Mouse into our city, bid a very big happy birthday to Sgt Pepper and welcomed the most glam in the UK for British Style Collective.

It’s now time though to bid farewell to summer and get the scary masks out for what promises to be Liverpool’s biggest and creepiest Halloween to date. Anyone that knows me will know that Halloween is in fact my least favourite time of year, and horror movies are full on banned from entering my house. Let’s just say that when God was handing out bravery I was sat, quivering with fear in the corner thinking Freddy Kruger was going to eat me alive.

But we can’t ignore the fact that Halloween is now as big in the UK and our city as it is in the states. So here goes with some of the most terrifying attractions in our region.


To me Halloween started to go crazy on Merseyside when Farmaggedon opened them big evil doors up 11 years ago. Tickets are now like gold dust for the actual night of Halloween and horror fans from all over flock to have their whits literally scared out of them.

Leggers from zombie, chain saw wielding lunatics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It certainly isn’t mine but for some reason I am always roped into going back year on year. Whether it be recording pieces with Pete Price for his radio show (we all remember when he lost his tooth in there!) or filming zombie takeovers for The Guide Liverpool. The farm of fear is back this year bigger than ever with annual favourites like zombie paint balling (which is amazing by the way!) returning, and more evil characters, more monster mazes and all round craziness than ever. 

Farmaggedon opens on September 30th – get booking – don’t forget your nappy!

Horror Con

We have all heard of Comic Con, well this October you will be meeting Horror Con at our Exhibition Centre Liverpool. Basically an entire festival/ exhibition dedicated to the scariest things on the planet. 

Live talks with your favourite horror icons of the big screen, horror memorabilia and lots of interactive scariness. Rumours are one of the biggest & baddest baddies of all time will be there in character too, yes I am talking about Jason himself. Nah mate!

Horror Con arrives in the city on the 7/8th October. More info

Chamber of Terror

This year we have another horror maze opening in the city, this time in Aintree at the Barclays Centre. Billed as ‘the newest, most immersive and truly terrifying Live Actor Halloween scare attraction in Liverpool.’

Promising tonnes of scary, evil characters, again giving you leggers around some of the scariest horror scenes and mazes you can imagine.

We can’t wait to see who’s in there!

More info on


The king of ghost tours and spooky shivers just gets bigger and better. Open for 12 months of the year Shiverpool takes you on guided theatrical ghost tours of the city, unveiling hidden horrors and mysteries as you go.

Many different tours available, and of course they are stepped up a notch for Halloween. Shiverpool wasn’t voted ‘Best Guided Tour in the UK 2017’ by Visit England for nothing.

Get booking

As well as that get ready for all of your favourite horror movies being displayed across the city, with Halloween screenings at FACT, Philharmonic Hall and more. 

And if you need to settle your nerves after one of the spooky attractions above then there is tonnes going on for you in the city’s bars and clubs too. Yousef brings Circus Halloween to Camp and Furnace on the 28th, the incredible Voodoo Ball is back at Invisible Wind Factory also on the 28th and there is a full on zombie apocalypse happening with ‘Back to the Anthems’ at Hangar 34.

So there you go, tonnes of tricks and even more treats happening this October across Merseyside. Keep up to date on all your Halloween action with us, and if you want to start getting scared early give our Newsham Park Hospital ghost hunt video a watch online now! 

I’m off to think happy thoughts.




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