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Autism friendly enrolment sessions at The City of Liverpool College

A LIVERPOOL college is hosting autism and Asperger’s syndrome friendly enrolment sessions for the new academic year.

Students who need learning support can visit The City of Liverpool College on Wednesday 30th August between 4pm and 6pm.

The college is autism-friendly and has support teams to work with students across the college in a range of subjects within the classrooms.

Around 200 students with autism and Asperger’s were studying at The City of Liverpool College last year.

Tutors and the Learning Support Team work with the students to enable them to attend the college, complete their studies and achieve their goals.

As well as helping students with their day to day activities around the college, the team assist in helping students with learning difficulties build confidence, become more independent, build on their social skills and adapt to their new environment.

Many of the students have gone on to higher education, university and employment thanks to the support from the college.

Around 700,000 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum and that means autism is part of the lives of almost three million people, according to the National Autistic Society.

Gary Roberts, from the college’s Learning Support Team, said: “Liverpool is an autism friendly city and the college is proud of that pioneering drive.

“The college is just as friendly as our city’s streets and we strive to make a difference in the lives of our students and their parents.

“At the college, the team builds working relationships with the curriculum tutors that we work in, to advise and work together in supporting the students.

“If any advice or guidance or information is needed from members of staff in terms of supporting students then members of the support team will discuss this with them, offering advice and guidance.

“Students may also be going through the process of a diagnosis which has not been picked up previously and this process can take a long time, but we can offer support when needed.

“Along with ASD/Asperger there can also be other learning difficulties/disabilities indicated by the student and that they have a range of needs.

“We are always on hand to listen to the needs of students and parents and will always put their learning needs first so they can get the most out of their education and experience at the college.”

Autism Together, the Merseyside-based charity behind Liverpool’s ambition to be the UK’s leading autism-friendly city, welcomed the college’s plans.

Yvonne Smith, of the charity’s Training and Advisory Service, said: “Liverpool’s a city with a big heart and, yet again, we’re bowled over by the generosity of the community to those on the autism spectrum.

“Our objective as campaigners and autism-awareness trainers is that people on the spectrum should be able to eat out, shop, travel, socialise, work and learn in the city with great confidence.

“We wish the college the very best of luck with its autism-friendly enrolment day.”

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