Artists will use inspiration from 1967’s Summer of Love to paint VW Beetles

ARTISTS will paint iconic Volkswagen Beetles using the 1967 Summer of Love as inspiration in just ONE day.This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the phenomenon that saw 100,000 musicians, artists and hippies flock to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district.The Beatles album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released during that summer and the world heard a new sound from the Fab Four, who moved away from their mop top image into a world of psychedelia.To celebrate the anniversary of this seismic shift in popular culture, three VW Beetles will be brought to Paradise Street at Liverpool ONE.On three consecutive Saturdays from 12th August they will be painted by a professional artist from 10am – 6pm.Each car will be designed with a theme of 50 Summers of Love and will be completed in just a day.One of the car’s design can be chosen by the public on the Liverpool ONE’s official Facebook page through a poll being launched on the morning of Saturday 12th August.The winner can get their hands on a meal for two at Wahaca Liverpool ONE and a pair of tickets to the British Music Experience.Votes will be cast from a poll of famous 1967 songs from The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Small Faces and The Who, and the most popular choice will see the VW Beetle covered in artwork inspired by the winning song.Donna Howitt, Marketing Director of Liverpool ONE, said: “The 1967 Summer of Love was one of the most iconic periods of the sixties.“We’re pleased to continue the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary offering a stage to showcase the incredible music and art that was created.“To celebrate this amazing time, when The Beatles changed their artistic direction, we have chosen the iconic VW Beetle to be a blank canvas for psychedelia inspired new artwork.“It will be a colourful and jaw-dropping tribute to this city’s favourite and an interactive event we’d love our visitors to get involved with on Liverpool ONE’s official Facebook page.”