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Croxteth’s Home Farm gets crafty with waste wood

A LIVERPOOL farm has come up with a practical way to re-use unwanted wood and timber.

Home Farm – part of the Croxteth Park estate – is taking fence panels, broken furniture, old doors and door frames from registered social landlord properties and transforming them into brand new home and garden ornaments, bric-a-brac and even cattle and pig sheds.

A recently opened craft workshop at the farm has enlisted the help of adults with learning difficulties to transform the raw materials into new products, through fully supported therapeutic employment activities. The items are available to buy in the Craft Shop at the farm.

Similarly, a new training programme has also been introduced – Crafting with Recycled Materials – which is delivered to local residents, community groups and schools which will feature practical demonstrations of recycling and re-use.

The project is managed by Neighbourhood Services Company Ltd (NSC) and has been awarded £18,408 from the Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority and Veolia Community Fund 2017/18 in a bid to stop materials unnecessarily going to landfill.

By the end of the project, NSC expect they will have:

  • Diverted 360 Tonnes of domestic waste wood from landfill via prevention, re-use and recycling.
  • Created 2.5 full time jobs and safeguarded 7.5 full time jobs.
  • Delivered a therapeutic employment programme for 26 adults with learning difficulties.
  • Engaged directly with 1,500 individuals.
  • Developed the Craft Shop re-using an existing barn to sell items made from the waste wood.

Lisa Jennions, NSC Manager, said: “The ongoing support from MRWA is invaluable in enabling us to deliver recycling and reuse activities at Home Farm. The project is extremely popular with visitors and the garden ornaments are flying out of the craft shop; it’s great to see new life breathed into what was previously ‘waste’ wood. We would like to encourage visitors to come and pay us a visit and see the wonderful things that can be done with waste materials.”

As well as the work at the Craft Shop, the funding is also being used to enhance the Farm and will see:

  • More cattle and pig sheds built to improve the welfare of animals.
  • Wood shavings and sawdust collected and integrated into livestock bedding.
  • Paths in visitor areas laid with wood chippings.
  • Waste wood materials used to provide signage, information boards and seating.

Councillor Graham Morgan, Chair of Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority (MRWA), said: “It’s great to see this funding being put to such a productive use. There is so much to the place – it’s a real community facility with all sorts happening such as education, training, visitor experiences, enhancements to the local environment and of course not to mention the livelihood of the many animals on site. Diverting timber material that may have ended in landfill is the cherry on the cake.”



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