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Sending ‘Love from Liverpool’ – the city’s artists and bands join forces to help Manchester bomb victims

IN response to the tragedy of May 22 members of Liverpool’s music community have been working in the background, coming together to pledge their support to the  ‘Love From Liverpool’ project which aims to help raise funds for the victims and families of the terror attack.

Support has come from all areas of the music industry in Liverpool.

Artists bands and labels such as The Wombats, Stealing Sheep, The Christians, Edgar Jones, Mellowtone, Skeleton Key, NuNorthern Soul records and the Super Weird Substance label, through to electronic music producers and labels such as Yousef and Circus recordings have all got behind the initiative.

Liverpool’s Hip Hop community has also added its own weight, with support from No Fakin, and SertOne.

A compilation release will be sold on iTunes and Bandcamp and other key digital stores, with all profits being donated to the Red Cross Charity supporting the Manchester bomb victims.

Speaking about the project, Love from Liverpool organiser Phil Cooper commented: “As our sister city, the attack in Manchester massively resonated with so many of us here in Liverpool.

“Coverage of the event spurred us in the city’s music sector to join forces, do something tangible and produce this compilation.

“I’d like to reach out to people and encourage them to buy it – there’s some great tracks from Liverpool artists and bands, and of course it’ll go some way in helping the victims of this horrific attack.”

Garry Christian, lead singer of The Christians said: “I wish with all my heart we could undo the events of May 22, bring back the children the mums, the dads …. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. We can’t do anything to take the pain away, but we can just show in our own tiny way that we want to help the families, let them know we are thinking of them and want to donate in some way …. it’s a drop in their ocean of pain but it just says ‘we’re here and we want to stand by their side and share their sorrow.’”

Yousef, DJ and Producer of Circus Recordings added: “Manchester has always been very kind to me as DJ, and very welcoming to me as a person – it’s at least as good as any city I’ve ever spent time in and the people are magnificent. It’s an honour to contribute.”

The Wombats gave their own message of support, summing up the collective feelings of those concerned with the project:  “All our love and support goes to those affected by the awful attack in Manchester. Liverpool stands with you.”

The Love from Liverpool compilation release on NuNorthern Soul records is now on sale.


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