Review: The Tommy Cooper Show at the Epstein Theatre

by Andy GreenDANIEL Taylor is becoming a bit of a regular at the Epstein. He’s impressed as John Lennon in Through A Glass Onion and his recent production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was very good too but he’s surpassed himself with The Tommy Cooper Show.The audience were laughing even before he opened his mouth, his sheer presence is incredibly funny. He’s got Cooper off perfectly; the voice, the mannerisms, that look of bewilderment and of course that hugely infectious laugh. I will venture to say that Danny Taylor’s performance as Tommy Cooper is the most authentic you will ever see. He’s quite brilliant.This show covers the period of Tommy’s show biz career up to his death and includes some of his best gags, tricks and sketches including the classic hat routine.Taylor is supported by Sharon Byatt who puts in a strong performance as Cooper’s wife and the versatile James Templeton who plays his manager Miff Ferrie as well as other roles, most notably the Queen.The Tommy Cooper Show is written by Ian Carroll and Daniel Taylor and adapted and directed by Lisa Taylor Ellis and is at the Epstein Theatre until 1 July.Surreal, silly, sublime; this show is a must see.