Exam preparation is made “Crystal” clear at Rainford High

WORLD-renowned linguist, David Crystal OBE, visited Rainford High to deliver vital English Language exam preparation.Pupils from the school’s Sixth Form have been working with David to prepare for their upcoming A Level English Language examinations.David’s works include two encyclopaedias for Cambridge University Press, as well as a more recent Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation, published last year.Renowned for his research on English language variation over time, which is a key part of the A Level English Language syllabus, David has over 50 years’ experience in his field.On the day, David delivered three informative sessions to compliment the school’s English Language syllabus, talking pupil’s through ‘Shakespeare’s Tongue’, ‘Grammar Rules’, and ‘the History of English in 100 Words’.Pupils were also joined in school by A Level students from Winstanley College, St Helens College and The Sutton Academy.Ian Young, principal at Rainford High, says: “A Level examinations are the culmination of years of hard work and form a pivotal moment in pupils’ academic careers. That’s why it’s so important for us to provide as many opportunities as possible to prepare students for this final hurdle, and find innovative ways to make sure that they enter the exam room with full confidence.“I am certain that David’s visit will have consolidated the English Language group’s knowledge of their subject, and sparked relevant and authentic discussion between pupils before they head into the final exam.”Tiffany Dyer, Key Stage 5 manager at Rainford High, says: “It was fantastic to see David come and talk to the students for the day. I think it will be great preparation for their forthcoming exams, consolidating what they already know about the subject as well as learning from a huge figure in the field.“The reaction from all students from around the North West was brilliant, they were fully engaged to what he was saying and they clearly got a lot out of it, making the day a huge success!”English Language Sixth Form student, Mark Porter, adds: “I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest; I was hoping he was going to live up to the hype that Miss Dyer had given. I can safely say he did! The session has really helped me to prepare for my exams and I have also come away from the event feeling truly inspired.”