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First mental health champion at The Walton Centre

THIS week is Mental Health Awareness Week and at The Walton Centre’s Complex Rehab Unit Ward Clerk Graham Mitchell is the centre’s first mental health champion.

Graham is being a champion for his colleagues, at the Fazakerley-based hospital, by being the first point of contact for mental health issues.

He’s on hand to provide support if a staff member feels anxious or has problems in their personal life, with help from the charity MIND.

“We will have a private discussion where they can tell me how they are feeling” said Graham: “I’m there to listen and to show them that they are not on their own, to signpost the occupational health services here at work and also advise them to seek help from their GP if they feel it necessary.”

Graham has experienced mental health problems, where he had to take time off work to recover. He said: “I was a stereotypical case, male, under 30. I didn’t think I had a problem. I had everything: a stable job, I’d recently bought a house.

“Even though I had all that I felt like I had nothing. It got to the point where the only out I could think of was suicide. But with help I got through my problems. The reason why I’m getting involved is because I don’t want anyone to find themselves in the position I was in.

“I want my story to be an example for other people to follow, that there is a way through it.”

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