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Eight New Works Commissioned For LightNight

A TRAIL of light, performance, joyous singing and sound feature in new artworks to be unveiled on Friday 19 May.

An AV installation to manipulate the mind, an immersive experience in the catacombs of St George’s Hall and two very different live performances at the cathedrals at either end of Hope Street are just some of the new commissions featuring in this year’s late night “culture crawl” at LightNight Liverpool on Friday 19 May.

In its 8th year, LightNight features 100s of free events, alongside newly created works, as Liverpool’s arts venues, museums, galleries and unusual spaces open their doors until late to celebrate the city’s art and culture. The theme is ‘Time’ the past, present and future of Liverpool, its people and the world we live in, as well as the influence of time on discovery.

At iconic locations, with live performances throughout the evening, producers Open Culture have selected eight artists who are creating new works for one night only.

Artists Logan & Wilcox create a new large-scale work that builds on previous experiment ‘neu collective consciousness’ on LightNight 2016. Through greater mental effort participants were able to manipulate the audio-visual environment and in Zugzwang (A situation in chess when the obligation to make a move in one’s turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage) multiple users will have a degree of passive authorship; blurring the roles of artist and audience. The focus of this experiment will be how participants can act as ‘conductors’ and influencing the biometric data generated by the other participants in the system.

‘Where the Time Goes’ is a sound installation by artist Jonathan Raisin, made using three found objects at LJMU’s John Foster Garden – a bin, bench and shrine – housing a looped sound piece exploring the theme of time and timelessness. The garden will be an oasis of calm and meditative quiet amidst the bustle of LightNight.

At St George’s Hall, ‘Bloom’ is a site-specific immersive performance by Laura Campbell and Adam Sloan. Using audio, light and mist to create a fluctuating sense of space, light and movement, participants can explore the underground “lungs” of St George’s Hall in exclusive performances.

At either end of Hope Street, Liverpool’s Cathedrals will house two very different experiences of sound and expression.

A huge vocal jam, led by Tracey Carmen will take place at Liverpool Cathedral, featuring a community choir singing music of the past 50 years, a live jam singing workshop and a DJ set from Greg Wilson for a joyous singing and dancing experience.

At the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral – celebrating its 50th birthday in 2017 – artist Andy McKeown is creating a light installation in response to live music. Featuring the cathedral choir, the work will echo the light created by the cathedral’s “crown” and stained glass.

Liverpool’s waterfront will be the stage for Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI’s) experiential outdoor performance with community groups and professional dance artists.

At Gostin’s Building on Hanover Street, Surtsey Projects, which initiates collaborations between locals and creatives, brings together emerging artist Raphaella Davies and set, prop and costume designer Alexandra Morton to create an immersive and engaging durational performance work. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days this will be a performance that changes over the course of the evening, responding to the audience and the space.

Paperwork Theatre, the time travelling story cycle and pedal players street theatre across pedestrianised areas in Liverpool city centre, from Bluecoat to Liverpool ONE. The audience will be able to follow the players along, or listen to snippets of the story journeying through time.

Charlotte Corrie from Open Culture says, “Our urge for LightNight is for people to do something different on a Friday night. Alongside the hundreds of free events, from workshops to performances, these special eight commissions are about creating a platform for new, free artwork in Liverpool in unusual and unexpected spaces”.

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