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Young Everyman Playhouse Present The Establishment At The Invisible Wind Factory

IN a year of seismic political shifts where political elites and the public alike are more polarised than ever before, Young Everyman Playhouse challenges its audience with another timely political satire, The Establishment. The production will see YEP performing at the Invisible Wind Factory for the first time from Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 March.

YEP responds to a chain of unexpected events that have undermined the status quo and the stability of the world, from the 2008 financial crash to austerity Britain, Brexit and Donald Trump. The Establishment examines where power lies in today’s society, hiding in the shadows and in plain sight, in the lobbies of Westminster to the newsrooms, boardrooms and trading rooms of Fleet Street and the City and what links these worlds.

“They are in high places and they’re stacking the odds higher and higher; an inner circle of power and greed, sucking us all into their great swindle. But we are the people, we are free; got the vote, got free speech, got Facebook live, got news on the go, click to accept the cookies. Why raise your voice when it’s fake news by the next cycle?”

The Establishment has been entirely devised by the acting company based on research and their own experiences. The production challenges the audience to question their own preconceptions and consider how much control they really have over their daily lives.

The Establishment utilises YEP’s unique multi-disciplinary approach with Young Technicians supporting the play and Young Communicators creating the marketing and Young Producers graduate Natasha Patel producing the play.

YEP Director Matt Rutter said: “We’re doing this play as we wanted to interrogate today’s media driven society, the institutions and issues that affect our daily lives and question whether they are being manipulated. We wanted to question how much free will we have and how much the system is actually taking control from us. Can new forms of media and young people’s use of it, give them the means of taking back some of that control from the Establishment?”

Dates:                                                   Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 March
Venue:                                                 Invisible Wind Factory, 3 Regent Rd, Liverpool, L3 7DS
Performance Times:                       Evenings at 7.30pm
Tickets:                                                 £7*
Box Office:                                          0151 709 4776
Online Booking (24-hour):  

Suitable for 12+

Young people wanting further information about YEP should email or call 0151 706 9119

*A single transaction fee of £2 applies to all phone, counter and internet bookings. Cash payments are exempt from any transaction fees.


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