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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

ON Wednesday 8th March, International Women’s Day, a new community will launch in the North West.

The Sisterhood Society is on a mission to create a platform for like-minded women to come together to share their success stories and inspire other women to do the same. It’s about engaging, encouraging and empowering women to follow their dreams and their passions.

The Sisterhood promises to be a place where women can feel at ease, and be part of a trusted inner circle. Ideas are supported, connections are made and friends are discovered. The idea is that for each meeting, The Sisterhood will host a selection of key women speakers who run successful businesses, or who have an inspirational story to share. The aim is that by putting all these passionate, driven and entrepreneurial women in the same room together they will spark up ideas, and The Sisterhood Society community will be there to help support and watch them grow.

The Sisterhood Society is the brainchild of Alishia Thomas, Founder of Oh Me Oh Mama, and serial entrepreneur Kate Bentley, and both women are reaching out to North West based women to come along and join them for their launch on the 8th March.

Speaking about this new movement for women Alishia said: “Initially we found that the majority of mama and women oriented meetings were based down in London and made no allowances or real effort to engage people up north. It was clear that there was a real North/South divide and that’s why we decided to go ahead and create the Sisterhood Society which is open to all women, and not just mamas.

“What better way to support a society for women than on International Women’s Day. It’s the perfect day to celebrate everything we have achieved so far and everything we are capable of achieving in the future.

“Why now? Because as they say, when women support women, incredible things happen.”

To find out more information on the Sisterhood Society meetings visit


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