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Academy Students Retreat To The Country

STUDENTS from the Academy of St Francis of Assisi (ASFA) in Kensington have taken part in a residential retreat to Savio House in Macclesfield.

Led by the Salesian community, Savio House provides support to young people via interactive learning, reflection, catholic liturgy and Eucharist.

Year 10 students from the Academy were invited to spend three days at the 18th Century manor house where they took part in activities based around the arts, music and physical games.

The Salesians developed the retreat to enable both young people and adults to enjoy some time of reflection away from the stresses of modern life, and to explore the meaning of faith within their lives.

The three-day retreat gave ASFA students the chance to explore the theme of water, where they were invited to look beyond and beneath the surface of their lives.

The aim was to help students deal with the contrasts between how others may perceive them on a surface level, to the person that they are on the inside.

Students also paid a visit to White Nancy, a monument built in 1817 to commemorate the victory of Waterloo. Situated on top of the Saddle of Kerridge, students were able to look out across magnificent views of the Liverpool skyline.

To end the stay students took part in a mass to reflect on the previous three days using drama, art, music and dance to celebrate their time spent at the House.

Phil Johnson, Chaplain at the Academy, was one of the staff members taking part in the retreat. He says: “The students had an amazing time in the Macclesfield countryside and managed to say clean, mostly!

“As a joint-faith academy and school of sanctuary, ASFA welcomes students from many backgrounds and the Savio team were extremely supportive and flexible in terms of our faith backgrounds.”

Tracey Greenough, Head of School at ASFA, adds: “Thank you to the Salesian community for welcoming our students to Savio House.

“The retreat was truly one of a kind and offered a brilliant experience for all of the staff and students in attendance.

“We look forward to planning more trips to Savio in the future!”

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