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Ryman National Enterprise Challenge Comes To St Margaret’s Academy

PUPILS at St Margaret’s Academy (SMA) have been competing for their place at the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge national final.

St Margaret’s Academy in Aigburth welcomed the team from the Ryman National Enterprise Challenge to school this week, as pupils battled it out for their place in the national finals.

The challenge, which is backed by Dragon’s Den’s Theo Paphitis, aims to help develop the enterprise and employability skills of young people across the nation.

On the day, Year 9 pupils were set the challenge of designing an app for challenge sponsors, Ryman.

Each team was asked to choose a project manager to lead them through the various challenges of the day, including idea generation, identifying their target market and the unique selling point of their product. Students also had to get creative, creating a distinctive company name and brand logo, as well as designing a marketing poster.

Presentation skills were also put to test, as students were tasked with scripting a 30 second YouTube advert to perform, before presenting their big idea to the judging panel.

The winning team, Tech Terror, designed a futuristic game where technology is taking over the world. In the game, players are tasked with leading their characters, which are different items of stationary, to overcome various obstacles and challenges.

Tech Terror will now compete against hundreds of schools across the nation in the national finals, set to take place in June.

Greg McLean, careers manager at SMA, said: “The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge was a thoroughly enjoyable day to participate in. The challenges set throughout the day encouraged pupils to develop many skills, including teamwork, communication, leadership, creativity and presentation skills.

“I was delighted with how the day went and look forward to attending the National Finals with our winners, Tech Terror, in June.”


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