Harmony Day – Bringing Communities Together

LIVERPOOL Homeless Football Club has secured funding via LCVS to bring communities together with Harmony Day. The idea of the two days is to bring the cultures and communities of Liverpool together using music, dance and food and reaching out to the hardest to reach.Day one will take place at The Florence institute in the Dingle between 10 am and 4pm on Tuesday 21st March.  Day 2 will take place on Tuesday 28th of March between 10 am – 3pm at Lucozade Power League Liverpool when The Spirit of Merseyside  4-a-side Football League will kick off  focusing on tackling racism and diversity.The 21st March event will see each community group set up a stand in the Grand Hall of the Florrie and promote their culture and food. There will also be live music or dance from each culture while downstairs in the Gym each group will have a time limit to do their favourite/ national sport .On 28th March there will be a 4-a-side football competition for men aged 16 plus and stalls upstairs at the Power League from agencies that promote anti-discrimination and racism campaigns.Transport will be available for community groups who may have issues getting to the events.If you would like to get involved with this event either by joining a working group, setting up a stall, or performing on the day, phone 0151 237 3986 or email stebartonlhfc2016@gmail.com