Saturday School Is Cool At ASFA

THE Academy of St Francis of Assisi has opened its top of the range facilities to children from the local community.The school is inviting children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to the Academy every Saturday morning to take part in the Saturday Club.Now in its third year, the Saturday Club offers children from local primary schools the opportunity to meet new friends and be actively engaged in organised activities.The rising costs of after school clubs means that many children don’t have the opportunity to take part in the types of activities on offer at the Saturday Club. For this reason, the Academy offers the club free of charge to ensure that every child has the opportunity to take part.Each Saturday, a structured programme is prepared with each child taking part in three activity sessions delivered by teaching staff from 9.30am to 12pm.These activities include science experiments, cooking, arts, computer skills, sports and project work.Many of the activities are not often studied at primary school thus offering an exciting look into the world of secondary education.For children hoping to join the school for year 7, the club gives them to chance to meet other prospective Academy students which will help to ease the transition from primary to secondary.Tracey Greenough, head of school at ASFA, says: “The Saturday Club marks an excellent opportunity for local children to spend their Saturday mornings making friends and taking part in fantastic activities.“We are aware of the growing costs of after school clubs for parents and so by offering this free club we aim to make these activities accessible to everybody in the community.“The Academy is dedicated to creating a caring community and sharing our incredible facilities with local children is one of the ways we do this.”Parents can register their children for the Saturday club online or by calling Miss Heron on 0151 260 7600.