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Model Citizens At St Margaret’s Academy

ST MARGARET’S Academy (SMA) has launched an enhanced ‘citizenship programme’, in support of its careers provision.

The Aigburth school has updated its ‘citizenship programme’ for 2017 in a move to help students enhance their CV when it comes to applying for university, jobs or apprenticeships.

The programme, which is validated by Liverpool John Moores University, allows students to join a citizenship team to gain experience specific to their future career aspirations. This year, students can choose from teams including the sixth form student magazine, lower school mentoring, debate society and medical ethics group.

Under the scheme, pupils will also accrue 30 hours of community service outside of school, further to an additional 40 hours in school.

The school provides students with opportunities to support the local community throughout the academic year, including regular nursing home visits and the hugely popular annual pensioners Christmas dinner held at the school.

Chris Cooke, assistant director of Sixth Form and UCAS co-ordinator, says: “Here at St Margaret’s we believe that it’s essential for young people to understand the value of volunteering and helping those less fortunate, whilst being aware of the significance their role can play within the local community. By giving our students the opportunity to reach out and support the community, we are also equipping them with essential life skills, which will help them become well-rounded individuals.

“These skills also place our students in excellent stead for future university, job and apprenticeship applications. With so many career and further education options open to students, this kind of experience is essential to help them make fully informed decisions to shape their own unique career path.“



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