Rexit For Concept Store

REX: The Concept Store is starting the New Year with a bang as they reveal the first stage of their 2017 Masterplan. Today (11th January) at 7pm the REX team will be shutting the doors to their current Bold Street store for the final time and will begin the move to their forever home.Since 2014 REX has been Liverpool’s only Independent Department Store, establishing itself as an innovative alternative to the typical retail model. To date REX has given over 300 retailers the opportunity to trade from their city centre location, resulting in an eclectic mix of unique products and people that can’t be found anywhere else.REX believes the High Street has become a boring place for consumers and has set out to create an unconventional, exciting customer experience by uniting retail, creative and social spaces. The launch of Tea-REX and REX LAB in 2016 for example challenged the limitations of the High Street further than ever, offering new opportunities for food retailers and tech creatives to showcase their products and skills.Although the stores new location will be kept top secret until early Spring, REX have revealed that this move will be their biggest and best yet. The company says the new location will combine fresh revolutionary ideas with their long standing obligation to support emerging talent, remaining a platform for independent retailers, businesses, artists and makers. The new store will also aim to continue the current collaborations with brands such as ScouseBird Problems, Kilner and The Leather Satchel Co. as well as see a huge increase in event, pop-up and workshop spaces.REX continued: “It’s a really exciting prospect to move the store into a permanent location so that we can continue to showcase the best and brightest that the City has to offer. A mixture of retail, event and workshop spaces will ensure that no two trips to REX are ever the same and that we can bring some excitement back to the High Street. The permanent move also allows us and our retailers to invest properly in the store and plan long term.”“Liverpool is the best City in the World and since we launched in 2014 we have set out to put Liverpool back into the City Centre by bringing the best of the regions independent retailers together to compete head to head with giant chains. REX IV will continue this fight and finally give REX a permanent home, allowing us to build the Best Store in the World!”