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Bounce Your Way To Fitness At St Helens Trampoline Park

PEOPLE in St Helens are being encouraged to get fit while they bounce after a local trampoline park announced it’s to hold regular fitness classes.

Air Factory, St Helens’ first trampoline park, opened in autumn and has already attracted thousands of jumpers from the area, but is now looking to expand the activities it offers.

The hour-long classes will be held twice a week, led by experienced fitness coach Mia Ricardo, and focus on cardiovascular exercise and building core strength which will help people to lose weight and increase fitness levels.

Fitness coach Mia Ricardo said: “Trampolining is a great way to get fit while having fun.

“Unlike some other forms of exercise it doesn’t feel like hard work, but it really is good for burning calories and keeping you active.

“Many people don’t realise that jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes brings the same health benefits as running for an hour.”

Alec Goodwin, general manager of Air Factory, said: “Air Factory is keen to offer a range of activities within the trampoline park that the local community can both enjoy and benefit from and the fitness classes are the first of these.

“We have much more planned for the new year.”

Trampoline fitness classes at Air Factory will take place each Monday and Thursday, starting December 12th from 7pm-8pm, priced £6.50 per session.

More information is available from the Air Factory website: Further details can be found by visiting Facebook: Twitter: @airfactory_uk


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