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St. Modwen Teaches Site Safety To Liverpool School Children

PUPILS at Faith Primary School received a lesson in site safety recently by regeneration specialist St. Modwen, the developer behind the transformation of Great Homer Street.

St. Modwen joined forces with construction partner Caddick Construction to host a special assembly for the school children.

The assembly highlighted the importance of health and safety around live construction sites and covered the various hazards that can be found on site.

The Considerate Constructor mascot Honor Goodsite visited the assembly and asked the children, aged seven to 11 years, to identify the large machinery and other potential dangers, including deep holes and scaffolding. The pupils were also invited to try on high visibility jackets and safety helmets.

Created by the Considerate Constructors Scheme, Honor Goodsite is the UK construction industry’s new female mascot. Joining Ivor Goodsite, the schemes other successful mascot who has visited more than 26,000 school children across the UK in the last 12 months, Honor teaches children about building site safety, protective equipment and inspires them to consider a career in construction.

Paul Mackenzie, head teacher at Faith Primary School, said: “There’s a high level of construction work ongoing in the area surrounding the school so it was a really useful for us to have St. Modwen come in and teach the children how to stay safe around these sites. By the end of the assembly, the children could identify the various hazards that can be found on site, such as falling objects and heavy machinery.”

Following the assembly, the pupils were invited to take part in a poster competition, where they were tasked with highlighting the key safety messages covered in the assembly.

St. Modwen will select the winning entries, which will be displayed on the hoardings around the development site at Great Homer Street. The posters will be used to promote site safety to residents and passers-by.

Paul Batho, projects director for St. Modwen at Great Homer Street, said: “A building site might seem like a great place to explore but in reality, they can be extremely dangerous, especially for children looking for somewhere to play. Therefore, it is so important for St. Modwen to work with local schools and raise awareness of the hazards to keep pupils safe.”

Debbie Watson, marketing manager for Caddick Construction, said: “Visiting Faith Primary School was a lovely experience. The children enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of a building site, including the dangers that can be present on a live site. They were pleased to meet Honor Goodsite.

“As members of the Considerate Constructors scheme, we’re committed to operating safely and considerately in the communities where we work, including educating local children about safety on building sites and about careers in the construction industry.”

Great Homer Street is currently being transformed through a £150 million regeneration scheme that will bring a supermarket, shops, homes and improved public spaces to the area. The regeneration will have a continued positive economic, social and environmental impact, leaving behind a positive legacy that communities will be able to enjoy for years to come.



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