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Love Thy Neighbour Now Open On Bold Street

A NEW Bold Street hangout has opened its doors. Love thy Neighbour is a cafe, coffee shop, organic eatery and bar, as well as a phrase to live by. It’s based at 108 Bold Street and serves everything from superfood smoothies to the most unique, lovingly crafted cocktails in the city, as well as some tasty small plates to go with them. Love thy Neighbour caters for the tastes of everyone in your social circle and is as great at 9am as it is at 1am.

Like the iconic Bold Street that inspired it, Love thy Neighbour is going to suit you just perfectly, whether you’re seeking to indulge your clean living, juice swilling, plant-based diet eating side or your Saturday night dancing, treat loving, cocktail sampling alter ego. As the name suggests, inclusivity and a little bit of love are the bedrocks that this place was built on. Love thy Neighbour is a haven for everyone, however and whenever they fancy socialising. So naturally the non-alcoholic drinks range is as interesting and well-crafted as the booze offering. Of course there are plenty of veggie and vegan options on the menu, alongside meat and fish. Whatever your tastes, Love thy Neighbour believes you deserve the best so, as far as possible, ingredients are organic.

The menu is unique. The food offering has been designed by executive chef Damien Flynn, who joins following a post as head chef at 60 Hope Street, by way of Camp and Furnace. The open sandwiches, the brunch options and the wholesome, warming bowls of other good stuff served up from morning to night read, look and taste like works of art. Chicpea pancake with avocado confit, cherry tomatoes and hummus anyone? Drinks guru Simon Taylor has ensured that the cocktail menu more than measures up, with a macha mojito and a variety of cocktails that utilize cold-pressed, organic juices. With floor to ceiling windows onto one of Liverpool’s busiest high streets, a side order of people watching comes as standard.

The whole aesthetic of Love thy Neighbour – from the glass wall that welcomes in passers-by to the natural, uncomplicated cool of the interior – will make you feel instantly at home here. Artwork, specially commissioned by LA artist David M Smith by the venue’s branding agency Black and Ginger, depicts a pair of shaking hands with 1780 tattooed on the knuckles – a nod to the year that Bold Street was first established, as well as to the social hub it has become.

General manager Mike Abraham said: “Love thy Neighbour is, first and foremost, a social venue. For some it will be a place to eat fresh, great quality brunch, for some it will be an office with good coffee and for others a Saturday night hang out. Our hope is that for many people it will be all three – equally welcoming at all times and equally suited to everyone, regardless of their dietary requirements and preferences.”

Director Andy Duckworth said: “When designing this place we started by looking outside to Bold Street. We considered how people socialise in the city. In any group of friends these days there may be people who stay lactose free or alcohol free, while others might want a beer. Some people favour brunch over evening drinks. Finding a place where you can all hang out and be well catered for can be tricky, so we have created somewhere based around quality and choice.

“My business partner Steven Hesketh and I also travel widely, so we drew upon the European style of socialising – sitting round a table, sharing small plates, maybe drinking a cocktail, maybe a juice. Good conversation and interaction are the focus and they are supported by a range of great food and drink, with excellent service. Love thy Neighbour says it all really – it’s who we are and what we do.”

Love thy Neighbour, 108 Bold Street is now open daily from 9am til late.


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