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Lord Of The Rings Oscar Winner To Help Celebrate Tolkien’s Hidden Links To Liverpool 

ACADEMY Award-winning Concept Artist for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, Alan Lee, will headline a special Tolkien Day at Liverpool Hope University on Friday 11th November.

Attendees will also be among the first to see a Latin dictionary, owned and signed by Tolkien using his full name, and recently discovered in the Liverpool Hope University library. Tolkien rarely signed with his full name, making the dictionary a rare find.

Speakers on the day include John Garth, author of Tolkien and the Great War, former MP for Liverpool Mossley Hill and Liverpool Hope University Alumnus Lord David Alton, Edmund Weiner, Deputy Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, and Stuart Lee and Elizabeth Solopova from the University of Oxford.

Subjects under discussion on the day will include folklore and goblins, Tolkien’s manuscripts, his views on children’s literature and the Atlantis myth, diction and narrative in Lord of the Rings, Tolkien’s faith – and his hidden links to Liverpool Hope University.

Tolkien was part of a team based at what is now Liverpool Hope University, who translated and edited The Jerusalem Bible. The Jerusalem Bible was the first translation of the whole Bible into modern English and celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Tolkien’s translation of the Book of Jonah is admired for both its beauty and accuracy.

The day will conclude with a free showing of The Return of the King (2003).

The event is free for schools and members of the public, and people have the option to come along as their favourite Tolkien character.

Dr Lisa Walters, Lecturer in English at Liverpool Hope University said: “There are so many ways to engage with Tolkien, and this day of celebration really does have something for everybody.

“It is an absolute honour to welcome Alan Lee, who has helped bring The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit to life for so many people with his stunning artwork. We can’t wait to see our guests in their favourite Tolkien-inspired costumes.”

Dr Guy Cuthbertson, Head of English at Liverpool Hope University said: “We are also delighted to be revealing Tolkien’s links to Liverpool Hope University, which remain largely hidden. We are holding our celebration of Tolkien on the site where he translated one of his most admired works – the Book of Jonah.”

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