A Wall Of Names For L8

A PLAN has been revealed to turn a dilapidated wall in Liverpool 8 into a feature as part of the renovation of the house it partly surrounds.The wall is on the corner of Cairns Street and Princess Avenue near to the Turner Prize winning Granby Four Streets.The proposal is to rebuild the wall with bricks featuring the names of notable local residents, past and present and also names nominated by the public.The wall will also feature the names of inspirational people, including historical figures from around the world. Some of the names already put forward include Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bill Shankley and Dixie Dean.All of the ethnic groups in the area have been asked to put forward names and local schools are participating too.Local resident Bobby Mann, whose family came to the area from Asia in the 1950s, plans to renovate 27 Princess Avenue which also includes a coach house to the rear.The project has also generated a lot of interest from overseas, especially the US and Canada, where ex-pats and people whose ancestors came from the area are keen to get involved.Work is due to start on the wall early next year.More information can be found at www.brickwallL8.com or by emailing anotherbrickinthewalll8@gmail.com.