Castle St Townhouse ‘Ties The Knot’ With Local Designer

LIVERPOOL’S newest all-day dining and drinking destination Castle St Townhouse has struck up a prominent affiliation with a renowned local fashion designer.The commercial district venue has enlisted the help of Liverpool entrepreneur Michael Frackowiak, founder of Men’s Finest Pocket Square, to advise on the team’s uniforms and to create a line of exclusive bow ties.Sharing a similar ethos when it comes to combining ‘future classic style with effortless elegance’, the pair has established the first collaboration of its kind in a bid to form a local link.Owner and director of Castle St Townhouse Jason McNeill said: “As a venue that blurs the lines between social meetings and cocktail nights, the concept of Castle St Townhouse was founded on the notion of rotating the ‘Three Bs’ (breakfast, brunch and bar), to deliver a distinctive experience with an immaculate service.“In order to compliment the venue’s timeless interior design and signature mirror inspiration, it is important that our team members also look the part, which is why the affiliation with Michael was unquestionable, being a brand that shares an uncanny resemblance to what we’re all about. A big focus of ours was to hone in on local links across a range of our suppliers including food, drink, interior and fashion. To complete the statement appeal of the bow tie, staff members will also be dressed in waistcoats that too have been sourced locally.”Established in 2015 by former engineering consultant, Michael Frackowiak, Men’s Finest Pocket Square was set up in response to the increased demand for forward-fashion formal attire. Providing a range of bow ties and pocket squares, the Liverpool independent has gained a global following with customers stretching as far as America, Australia and Finland.Michael said: “Castle St Townhouse is a brand that excites me in many ways, not only does its unique sunrise to sundown concept add a refreshing twist to Liverpool’s evolving social scene, its timeless appeal and sophisticated style is what stood out and sparked the notion of a collaboration.“The creation of the brand exclusive bow tie was more than just matching the colour scheme, the fabric and design was carefully considered in order to create a piece of statement fashion that is to become synonymous with the venue. The idea is to enable staff members to live and breathe the brand and become real advocates in expressing the ideology and character behind Castle St Townhouse. It is a real honour to team up with a venue that provides great synergy surrounding modern day classics.”For more information about Castle St Townhouse visit more information about Men’s Finest Pocket Square visit