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Boy Band Launches Single And Visits Schools To Encourage Young People To Discuss Violence And Extremism

URBAN pop trio, Mr Meanor, are visiting schools, youth clubs and urban centres across the north of England to perform, and discuss their new charity single ‘Think About It’  (#THINKABOUTIT) as part of a 10-day regional tour.

The song, which reflects on the hurt caused by recent terrorist atrocities, offers a positive message for young people by encouraging them to think and talk about violence, extremism and other negative issues affecting modern society.

As part of the tour, band members Marcel (from Los Angeles US), Jordan and Jake (from London UK) will interact with young people at the live appearances, and through social media, with the aim of inspiring them to make a difference, by playing a part in promoting peace and standing up against attitudes that endorse violence.

Mr Meanor has teamed up with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace to release the single, with all the proceeds going to the Warrington-based charity.

The partnership came from a shared desire to promote the value of peaceful and positive engagement. Fittingly, the song also echoes the efforts of the Foundation for Peace’s THINK campaign, which aims to challenge the thinking behind violent extremism and build resilience against radicalisation.

Speaking about the tour, band member Marcel Wildy says: “We want young people to know they have the ability to make a difference. Music can transform attitudes and change behaviour. Our hope is that the song will inspire people to challenge those who push violence and hatred in today’s society.

“We teamed up with The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace because we wanted to do more than just release a song. We want to encourage positive change in the world around us.”

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive Officer for the Foundation for Peace, says: “The ability of music to inspire people across different cultures, backgrounds and even languages provides a perfect platform to promote peace and the value of dialogue.

“It is refreshing to see a young band like Mr Meanor want to use their talent as musicians to tackle some of the very serious issues facing us today.

“By collaborating with such a positively spirited and energetic group we hope to encourage young people to think critically and confidently about their place in the world. Through promoting a change in thinking, we can break cycles of hatred that fuel violent extremism and contribute towards building a peaceful and positive society.”

 The tour kicks off on the 3rd October and will be visiting schools and colleges across the north of England.

The single is available now on iTunes:

You can find out more about Mr Meanor on Twitter and Facebook



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