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Liverpool Welcomes New Premium Nightclub For Stylish Socialites

LIVERPOOL is set to welcome a new premium party destination to its vibrant nightlife in the form of Void.

Following a six-figure sum investment, the over-21 nightclub located in the city’s commercial district will open its doors to the public on Saturday, October 1.

Headed by local hospitality bosses Dan Friend, Joe McMahon and Adam Ramsey, the 10 Stanley Street venue pays homage to Las Vegas and Miami’s esteemed nightlife by combining abottle service with a luxury interior.

The directors said: “Being the fourth venue of our evolving hospitality portfolio, we have devised something that is not only very different to our current collection; it adds a completely new dimension to Liverpool’s bar and club scene.

“What makes Void stand out from the crowd is its high-end concept, which is something that has become intrinsic with socialite culture. To complement our extensive premium drinks list, we put a real focus on how the drinks are presented and poured to create a second-to-none bottle service experience like no other. We have worked tirelessly to create a venue that ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing an elitist vibe and atmosphere. Notable interior features include a mirrored wrap around video wall and dramatic mood lighting.”

Paying homage to its cosmopolitan postcode, the venue is suitable for party goers wanting to experience a more opulent night out, in addition to being a prime hideout for the city’s movers and shakers.

Void’s bottle service approach provides guests with their own table complete with drinks and mixers, together with a hostess from start to finish, who will be on hand to pour and serve drinks. Those not opting for bottle service can still enjoy drinks at the venue; however, they must also be included on the guest list to gain entry.

The directors added: “Over the past decade, Liverpool’s landscape and social scene have changed dramatically, resulting in more choice than ever before for party goers. With that said, we wanted to create a venue ideal for the more mature crowd who’s feeling towards nightclubs have shifted. To appeal to the plus 21 demographic, Void offers a subtle nod to stylish and sophisticated transatlantic nightlife, all the while putting a signature Liverpool spin on it that we all know and love.”

Admission by guest list only for enquires contact 07562 644820. Opening night now sold out.


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