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Female-Only Wellbeing Experience Set To Open

NOURISH is a brand new concept for Liverpool which launches this October.

Creating a female-only membership, Nourish seeks to offer a higher end complete health and wellbeing experience than is currently available in the city, appealing to women seeking a refined and luxurious destination combining a market-leading gym, health spa and beauty salon all under one roof and all members and staff will be female without exception.

Nourish will be set completely underground in a secret hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, built from limestone in every room, and a rainforest theme detailed throughout the venue. It’s an environment which combines holistic health and harmony across a range of traditional and innovative treatments, programmes and classes, from various disciplines of Yoga, meditations, spa treatments and personal trainers, to hairdressers, make-up artists, nutritional advice and overall self-care.

Creator Grace McGinnis explains: “The idea has been building over the last five years, from my own personal needs and also listening to my client’s desires. It all fell into place when I found the premises at Hatton Garden. The space uniquely brings everything together under one roof and I believe that we will deliver an exceptional membership that will be highly desired.  I am bringing together a powerful team of health care professionals, yogis and beauty experts who will offer a comprehensive range of services for our members in our state of the art facilities. We are aiming to have a wrap-around personalised care package that helps our clients find the best route to their goals, as well as providing a space where they can escape our hectic lifestyle and connect with women who are all seeking to improve their self-care. We have an app that will make tailoring your experience within Nourish very simple.

“Our high end memberships come with soul – we will be delivering a Nourish experience day on behalf of our members every quarter in a way of giving back to our local women in need. Not only will our members be revitalising their own way of life, but they will be providing an opportunity for someone in our local area to feel pampered and loved when they are going through a hard time.”


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