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Healthcare Team-Working Brings Benefits To People Who Need Them The Most


Simon Bowers has been a GP in South Liverpool for 13 years. He comes to us each month to talk health. Follow him on Twitter @SIbowers
Simon Bowers has been a GP in South Liverpool for 13 years. He comes to us each month to talk health. Follow him on Twitter @SIbowers

LAST month thousands business people visited our city for the International Festival for Business.

Partnerships in business are crucial. It’s the same in healthcare. Whether it’s a partnership between you and your doctor in planning your care or hospitals working together to improve the service they deliver.

We had some fantastic Good News in the Liverpool NHS recently. A partnership between a group of our hospitals was given the go-ahead by NHS England to deliver a complete service for people born with serious heart problems from birth until adulthood. Children from all over the north west will be having their life-saving surgery at Alder Hey and Liverpool children will now get specialist care for their whole life without leaving the city. A triumph for partnership!

As GPs we are working closer than ever before with our neighbourhood practices and community care teams including social care.

The care we are delivering to older people in Liverpool is a massive priority, with a key focus to get people better and home – not send them to a care home.

The dementia hub at Sedgemoor, run by Liverpool City Council in partnership with the NHS is internationally recognised for its great impact.

The hub offers specialist support to people who are living with dementia. Its goal is always to get people home.

Short-term residential care is available for reablement and respite. There is also a day service run from the premises.

Our universities are working on some ground-breaking research in medicine and social care.

As a city we embrace innovation, a good example of this being some of our world-leading researchers working with Liverpool-based technology businesses and digital companies to bring new ideas that improve care.

Liverpool is loaded with world leaders and some of the most exciting ideas and minds in medical and social research.

It just goes to show that working in partnerships in delivering health care form your GP to hospitals to universities is putting our city up there at the top of the leader board.

Old wives tales? Not always!

 Is fish a brain food?

Indeed it is! There is now a growing mass of evidence that Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in oily fish like salmon, tuna or sardines can help brain development and keep our brains healthy.

Should I drink 8 glasses of water a day like some people say?

NO, NO, NO! Our kidneys have kept us healthy for thousands of years. There is no medical evidence to support this twaddle at all and it can be dangerous to some older people. Unless specifically told otherwise by your doctor, just drink when you’re thirsty.
It’s what thirst is for.

What’s healthy eating all about? Should I skip lunch? Frequent snacks instead of meals? Fasting for a few days a week?

The truth is that whilst there is some evidence to support some improvements from some changes to mealtimes or sizes, the best diet to maintain good health is a varied one, low in fat, sugar and salt, drinking alcohol within 14 units a week and taking your time when you eat. Even more important is to GET ACTIVE!!! See

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