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Brouhaha – Best Festival Yet

THE Brouhaha International Festival came back this year with thousands of onlookers cheering local, national and international indoor & outdoor performances, carnival parades, schools and community workshops.

Hundreds of revellers enjoyed a stunning launch at District House and on Saturday, the people of Liverpool lined the streets to experience new international companies from Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and India watching stunning carnival parades in the city centre and Toxteth.

An ecstatic executive director of Brouhaha, Giles Agis said: “The Brouhaha 2016 Festival programme is hosting cultural events and community celebrations that engage within many groups, neighbourhoods and communities locally, regionally into Europe and beyond. Our launch, the carnival parade and performances at the Caribbean music festival in Liverpool at the weekend combined to make this the best festival yet and the Brouhaha brand just gets stronger every year!”

The Brouhaha International Festival continues this week with the following itinerary:
Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th Liverpool Central Library International Performances

Saturday 16th July Brazilica Parade


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