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Dance Company Movema To Host Master Class With Carnival King

WORLD dance specialists Movema are hosting a special Afro-Brazilian master class with Murah Soares, where you can learn the secret tips and skills of Carnival dance.

The Brazilian native was raised close to a Candomblé temple with his grandmother in Salvador and was initiated into the songs and dances of Afro-Brazilian religions from a young age.

Murah is set to teach Brazilian dances including: Frevo, Afoxé, Barra Vento, Ijexá, and the Orixás providing insight into the culture and history of the music and dance of Brazil.

Sao Paulo-born Murah established the group Afoxé Loni, showcased in carnivals across Europe including Berlin, London, Dublin and Milan. In 2007 he founded his own centre of intercultural encounters, the Forum Brasil in Berlin.

Movema are bringing Murah to Liverpool, for his first appearance in the North West, as part of an ongoing series of dynamic dance master classes, open to both absolute beginners and more advanced artists.

The Afro Brazilian dance master classes will take place on Saturday, June 11th, at LIPA on Mount Street. Each session will include a choreography that reflects Brazilian traditions and culture.

Movema director Ithalia Forel said: “We’re thrilled to be able to bring Murah to Liverpool for his first ever appearance in the North West. He’s such an incredible talent and this is a unique chance to learn some of his skills.

“Not only will you be able to watch him perform in an intimate setting, but come along and soak up some of his incredible talents in our master classes.”

Places are limited, so to take part in the Movema Master Class with Murah on 11th of June at LIPA dance studios, all you have to do is register and buy a ticket through Eventbrite:

Movema are also looking for strong professional dancers to join them for summer season. Auditions will be part of the Advanced Level master class. Please send your CV to to be considered for a free audition place.

Following on from the master class, Movema will begin teaching their Carnival classes at the Black-e, by the China Town arch from June 9th.

For further info on Movema’s World Dance Master classes please call Ithalia on 07845 256 178 or email

You also can follow their Masterclass events on


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