Preggers Explores Motherhood At The Unity

AMY GOLDING is an award-winning theatre-maker whose work has been seen across the UK and in South Africa. As Artistic Director of Curious Monkey, Amy makes shows from real stories, told to her by real people. Now she’s making her own story.It’s about the before, the now, and the ‘what might be’.Motherhood – what does it really mean for women now and for women of previous generations? Women like Amy’s mum, whose unconventional approach to family life was captured by a 1979 BBC documentary team. And Amy’s nan, who had her child just before the birth of the NHS.Amy explores the highs and lows, the heart swells and heartbreaks on the journey to create a new life. Playful, touching and provocative Preggers is a show about family – being in one and starting one of your own.Preggers comes to Unity Theatre on Hope Place in Liverpool on 7 June – 8 June for two performances. 8pm on the 7th of June and an 11am performance on the 8th of June. At the morning performance, parents are free to bring babies (under 18 months), here parents can enjoy the show in a relaxed atmosphere where babies can jiggle, breastfeed, cry, have a break from the show etc. Please be aware that the performance contains some strong language.Amy says about the production: “I was inspired to make this play by my mum, my nan and my big sister. I wanted to find out more about their experiences of motherhood and how things have changed from 1948 when my mum was born to now when I hope to become a mother. I am on a journey towards motherhood, a journey that has been full of the joy of planning and conceiving a baby and also the difficult and traumatic experience of losing a baby.The play will track this unpredictable and complex journey. The show is a very personal story but I believe the themes it explores are universal – choices women have (and don’t have) now and in the past around becoming parents, how it affects your career, family relationships and trying to plan something that is ultimately beyond your control.”Curious Monkey Presents Preggers7 – 8 June 2016. 7 June 8pm, 8 June 11am Ticket Price: £14 (£12 concessions)Duration: TBCBox Office: 0151 709 4988 or Unity Theatre 1 Hope Place, Liverpool, L1 9BG