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3D Office Technology On Show At Liverpool Event

A FREE event is being held in Liverpool next week that aims to prove technology such as 3D printers and touchscreen tables are no longer “the stuff of fantasy” for businesses.

3D printers have gained infamy in recent years, being used to create everything from spare machinery parts to acoustic guitars and even weapons, yet they are still considered an expensive luxury are beyond the reach of many workplaces.

Other technology on display at “The Workplace Re-Imagined” showcase includes a 360-degree camera – the same model that was used by President Obama to take a selfie earlier this year – and a fully interactive touchscreen table similar to those made famous by TV pundits when analysing football matches.

3d printing 2“The Workplace Re-Imagined” is being held at The Royal Liver Buildings on Tuesday 24 May and Wednesday 25 May, organised by independent managed print provider Copyrite Systems.

Tom Doyle, managing director of Copyrite Systems, says: “The new generation of 3D and interactive technology offers so many potential benefits for businesses, schools, charities and other organisations.

“Sadly, they are still widely regarded as costly nice-to-haves or the stuff of fantasy fiction and, as a result, most people simply don’t consider introducing them to their workplaces.

“In five years’ time, 3D printers will be filling the dusty spaces left behind by fax machines or paper shredders in offices up and down the country, while interactive boardroom tables won’t be far behind.

“Savvier businesses will want to be ahead of that curve and aim of this event is to educate them and alter perceptions for good.”

The event runs from 10am to 4pm each day and refreshments are served throughout. To register, please visit or email

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