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Revitalised Water Street Leisure Site Will Create 60 Jobs

A LANDMARK leisure site on Water Street in the city’s business district is set to be revitalised after investors made pledges to rebrand and reopen in June. 18 Water Street which operated an ‘Amanzi’ brand for six months is currently undergoing structural changes and improvements that will see an event space for 600 and seating for up to 400 including a unique bar and restaurant concept.

Directors of Know Restaurants Water St, Steven Hesketh and Andrew Duckworth are the joint management behind the project which will create 60 jobs and involve a total investment of £1 million in launching the new brand in June.

Mr Hesketh said: “We are keeping the background to the inspiration for the brand and venue under wraps for now but it has already attracted the eye of IFB 2016 and we will be putting on a networking showcase for them as well as further private events in June.”

18 Water Street is amongst several high-profile openings in the area by fiercely independent businesses including Santa Maluco out of the Graffiti Spirits’ stable and Nisha Katona’s  Mowgli, all opening on the same street.

Mr Duckworth added: “This is a really interesting time for the business district given that it has previously been dominated in the vicinity by national leisure chains. There is a real appetite for independent businesses to change the landscape and the circuit to offer a more individual wine, dining and entertainment offer.”

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