It’s Mission Possible On The Merseyrail Network

TO promote safety, Merseyrail is launching Mission Possible, a short film, highlighting how best to behave to stay safe and avoid accidents on the railway. It is loosely based on the highly successful Mission Impossible, designed to capture the imagination of passengers and get across a serious message in a quirky way.The three-minute film is in the form of a TV card with a 10cm HD screen and can be played anywhere without having to be plugged into a device.Every year, there are thousands of passenger accidents up and down the country, most of which happen on escalators, at automatic ticket gates and when people get on and off trains. This film is one of several initiatives that Merseyrail has rolled out to draw attention to the importance of safety when travelling by train.In true Hollywood style, the film was premiered on a big screen on the concourse at Liverpool Central on 4 May, along with a red carpet, popcorn, soft drinks and goody-bags. The leading actor, Sam Vaughan, who has appeared in Hollyoaks, signed photographs from the film.Zoe Hands, safety and assurance director, commented: ‘Accident numbers have come down over the last few years, but we’re determined to get those figures even lower. We hope that people will learn from this film and find it a bit of fun, as well.’