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Optician Urges Better Contact Lens Care

LOCAL optician Mark Blankstone has stressed the importance of Contact Lens after-care on the back of a report industry standards failing customers.

Blankstone opticians have seen that many cases of poor contact lens after-care this year that they are appealing to the industry to better inform and help customers with eye care.

“In the vast majority of cases we’ve seen people who have previously visited the multiples on the high street, tended to only receive after-care from their opticians just once per year and sometimes this can be longer.

“We have said in the past but now I want to stress the importance of six monthly regular checkups, especially on the back of some recent media coverage in the likes of the Daily Mail.

“Did you hear the one about the salesman who wore contact lenses for 14 hours a day and was nearly blinded by a horrific ulcer on his eye which doctors had to ‘pop’ with a needle?!

Mark added:”I don’t wish to frighten people. I just want the wider general public to be aware of the dangers of neglecting after-care when they purchase contact lenses.

“Six months should be the industry standard and we are hoping this message will get through to prevent some of the horror stories out there because we don’t want to see any of our customers suffer. People need to ask themselves, when was the last time they had a checkup and what frequency are their checkups?”

Many current schemes offered by the multiples prevent people from having more frequent checks maintains Mark.

“I can reassure new customers that they will receive regular reminders about their all-important six month checkup with us plus, if ever they had a problem with their eyes after signing up to our contact lens scheme, they will be seen immediately. 

 “Aside from using state-of-the-art technology and offering the best contact lens products on the market, there are as many benefits to our scheme as there are keeping your eyes in good health!”

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