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Wirral Gym Showcases Its Talents On A National Stage

HOYLAKE based super gym, The Underground Training Station, was selected to host the UK’s first ever UK Under Armour Camp.

The event, which saw more than 400 people from across the country take part in a gruelling one-hour work-out, was led by UTS founder and director Neil Parsley.

Neil, who is also the former strength and conditioning coach for England Rugby, said: “We were delighted to have been chosen to deliver this event which ties in with our fundamental ethos to encourage more people to get fit and active in their communities through proper coaching, structured programmes and level systems which are safe, fun and achieve long term positive results.”

Neil’s team of coaches from UTS were there to support him on the day, including: Stu Vance, Sam Vance, Chris Thomas, Jack Clover, Holly Parsons and Radia Williams.

International Sports Brand, Under Armour which boast Andy Murray and Jordan Spieth as their major athletes, have run a number of similar events in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Dublin, which are designed to encourage more people to get fit and active. 

Tony O Neil, UK Managing Director at Under Armour said: “The UTS coaching team is packed with experience and expertise at elite level and we love the fact that they are able to translate this to anyone regardless of their ability, so we invited them to help us devise and deliver the first UK Armour Camp workout.

“It was a fantastic success with over 300 people from all over the country taking part, testing their willpower and pushing their physical limits to breaking point and we look forward to continuing our work with the UTS in the future”.

UTS was launched seven years ago by Neil and Head of Athletic Development at Bolton University, Dr Colin Robertson who have pioneered a new approach to sport and physical activity.

Further details about UTS are available from:

Tel: 0151 632 6409.


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