Monday, April 22, 2024

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And to kick things off, here’s a story from reader John McCormack…

‘I foolishly ran for the 9.07 train at Liverpool South Parkway this morning.  It was wet and I slipped.  My right shoe disappeared under the train.  I sat in the carriage feeling extremely stupid one soggy foot perched on my surviving shoe.

‘First the conductor came to check on me.  I reassured him the whole accident was purely my fault but I appreciated his concern.

‘At Lime Street I waited for the carriage to clear when a fellow passenger, a young woman in her twenties, asked if I was all right.  She was very worried I would be walking barefoot through the rain and “stepping in anything”.  She asked me to sit safely in the station so she could bring me back replacement shoes.  And no, she only wanted my shoe size, she did not ask for money first.

‘I was incredibly touched by her concern.  I had to really reassure her that I would be fine walking to St John’s Precinct despite the puddles. 

Thank you so much. I will never forget your kindness.’  



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