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Needlework Of Nations: Unique Quilts Unveiled On Wirral

A UNIQUE collection of quilts hand-stitched on the Wirral by communities from across the world will go on show at Birkenhead’s Williamson Art Gallery this week.

The Sew Together exhibition marks the end of a nine-month project led by Wirral Change to teach needlecraft and textile reuse and repair skills to women, carers, and other groups – some of which have settled in the borough from countries as diverse as Poland and Bangladesh.

A total of around 160 residents were given free rein to each design panels which were then painstakingly stitched together into eight themed quilts. The quilts will go on show at the gallery for just over a month from Saturday 19th March – 1st May.

Malena Eriksson-Lee, of Wirral Change, said: “The whole thing’s been a great success. We’ve ended up with some stunning results with a truly global feel, brought whole communities together to learn new skills and made a real difference to the amount of textile waste they create in their own homes.”

The project was supported by an £8,000 grant from the Community Fund operated by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority and Veolia and diverted almost ten tonnes of textiles from landfill.

Merseyside Waste and Recycling Authority (MRWA) chairperson Councillor Graham Morgan said: “The Sew Together project has brought so many benefits for the whole community and really promoted recycling and reuse messages. The exhibition is a great chance to see just some of the fruits of the scheme.”



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