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Forced Entertainment Bring Their First Children’s Show To Unity Theatre

BRITAIN’S leading experimental theatre group Forced Entertainment bring their first ever show made especially for children, The Possible Impossible House, to Unity Theatre this April.

Described as “utterly charming” and “captivating” by audiences and critics alike, children six years plus and their families can experience a mix of home-made visual magic, live sound effects and enthralling adventure at one of Liverpool’s iconic theatres this 8 – 9 April.

For this unique and unusual project, Forced Entertainment have collaborated with acclaimed visual artist Vlatka Horvat whose projected images help animate the story.

Springing from the blank page of an algebra book a doodled girl sets out on a night-time adventure through labyrinthine corridors, a deserted ballroom and a cupboard under the stairs. As the night goes on she encounters many of the house’s inhabitants – from a flock of rowdy comical birds, to a talking mouse, a not-so-very frightening ghost and a troop of dancing soldiers – all of whom help (and sometimes hinder) her plans to get out.

Touring the world with original creations Forced Entertainment have been at the forefront of theatrical invention and innovation for the past thirty years – making mischief and bending convention to make compelling performances for adults. In this new work, The Possible Impossible House, the group reinvent themselves yet again, continuing their mission to make real, dynamic and inspiring connections with audiences.

Forced Entertainment are: Robin Arthur, Tim Etchells (Artistic Director), Richard Lowdon (Designer), Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden and Terry O’Connor.

Vlatka Horvat is an artist based in London. She works across sculpture, installation, drawing, performance, photography and text.


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