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Kite: An Adventure As Wild As The Wind

ACCLAIMED theatre company The Wrong Crowd come to Liverpool with Kite; at the Unity on 15 and 16 March, a new show about grief, family and imagination, following a celebrated premiere at London’s Soho Theatre. For an audience aged seven and over, Kite is a show for all generations and both performances will be ‘Pay What You Want’.

A lonely girl is to live in her grandma’s airless flat in London where the windows are shut tight, and memories of seagulls and sand dunes begin to fade in the silence. One night a handmade kite comes to life and heralds the start of a wild adventure and the chance to find what it seemed was lost forever. Inspired by the world of indoor-kite flying and stories such as The Snowman and The Red Balloon, Kite is a beautiful play without words for audiences of all ages. Featuring puppetry and indoor-kite flying from The Wrong Crowd’s Rachael Canning, Kite’s creative team also includes originally composed music from Isobel Waller-Bridge (Lampedusa, Fleabag, Blink), and movement choreographed by Eddie Kay, who has worked extensively with Frantic Assembly (Othello, The Believers, Beautiful Burnout).

Formed by designer/puppet director Rachael Canning, writer/director Hannah Mulder and Producer Bonnie Mitchell, based in Devon, The Wrong Crowd make visually-inventive, storytelling theatre. Fusing puppetry, live action, physicality, music and song. The work is for cross-generational audiences, designed to transport the young and old, together.

Rachael Canning, Director/Designer of Kite & Co-Director, The Wrong Crowd said: “Unlike our previous shows we wanted to start from a visual idea rather than a pre-existing story. I came across indoor kites and immediately wanted to make a kite a character in our next Wrong Crowd show. So much personality reveals itself when the kite’s in flight. Sometimes it’s mischievous and often it’s deeply moving. The kite felt like a Mary Poppins type benevolent force, needing to hep someone somehow. And so we created a story whereby a kite comes to life to help a young girl who has recently lost her mum, come to terms with her grief. It’s our first play without words, which suits us well as visual theatre makers. We’re thrilled to be making the show with Soho Theatre and premiering as part of London International Mime Festival 2016”

Tickets are ‘Pay What You Want’ and can be purchased in advance via Unity’s Box Office: 0151 709 4988, in person or via



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