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It’s Bean A Hard Day’s Night!

VISITORS to The Beatles Story will be helping families in one of the world’s poorest countries with the sale of its new Fab Four Coffee.

The beans, which will be sold and served at the Pier Head and Albert Dock Fab Four Cafes, are sourced from Monte Sion Plantation in El Salvador.

The plantation is a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm which is owned by Dr. Luis Urrutia and his wife Liliana, and is dedicated to eradicating poverty in the Ahuachapán region through its foundation, The Fundación Monte Sión Nuevo Amanecer (Monte Sion Foundation for a New Dawn).

A percentage of the profits goes back into the plantation to aid with the running of the foundation.

The foundation ensures the funds from the coffee are redistributed to benefit the lives of the farm’s employees and has overseen the construction of good quality housing, fresh water provision and sanitation, improved education, fair pay and improved medical services for all 42 employees.

El Salvador has a projected death rate of 90 people per 100,000 in 2015, making the country 90 times deadlier than the UK. Gang crime is prevalent in the country and a staggering 95% of crimes go unpunished.

By providing employment and a safe haven for its workers, the plantation and sale of the coffee at venues including The Fab Four Cafes, the plantation is helping to keep its workers safe.

Funds from the sale of the coffee, which is retailed globally, have also been used to build a school for the children at the plantation’s sister farm, Shalom.

This includes sales at the Beatles Story Liverpool and coffee retailed in shops from the UK to New Zealand.

Originally, many of the workers would bring their children to work with them and their children were left to walk around the plantation in all conditions, including blazing heat and torrential rain.

The school was built to give the children somewhere to go during work hours and improve education for the region’s residents.

The introduction of the school has led to a 70% increase to the region’s literacy level.

A medical clinic has also been built meaning all residents now have access to free medical assistance and that all children from the area are now vaccinated against disease.

This has led to a zero infancy death rate and severe mal nutrition has been eradicated in the region of Ahuachapán, which is around 100km from El Salvador’s capital city San Salvador.

Martin King of the Beatles Story, said: “It is wonderful to see what the contribution the coffee we have selected makes to help people in El Salvador.

“By providing homes, a free vaccination program and an education to the region’s coffee workers, the plantation is an example in how the coffee industry can provide much more than a workplace for the local people of Ahuachapán.

“The Beatles Story is thrilled to be able to help people in South America through the sale of the Fab Four coffee to our guests.”

The Fab Four coffee is made up of beans from El Salvador and Colombia and costs £2.20 – £2.50 per cup.

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