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Healthy Liverpool – Walk To Rio

IN January Liverpool CCG took on the Workplace Challenge to Walk from Liverpool to Rio. The aim was to collectively walk 12 million steps which equated to the distance between Liverpool and Rio. Using the Merseyside Sports Partnership ‘Workplace Challenge’ website to log their activity they took on this collective challenge. 76 members of staff took part and began logging their steps. With the support from Merseyside Sports Partnership they created a workplace account and received weekly updates on their progress.

During the challenge many staff who took part found new and innovative ways of increasing their daily step count by making small changes to their daily routines. There were more people taking the stairs, people parking further away from the store entrance, dogs being walked for longer, people taking the long way round from the car park, lunchtime walks etc…

By Monday 25th January they had reached their goal of 12 million steps with 6 days to spare; and by the end of January Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group had totalled 15,964,981 collective steps.

This was celebrated with a Brazilian themed lunch on Friday 29th January where they ate some Brazilian food, shared a few phrases in Portuguese and learnt 10 interesting facts about Brazil. Bem Brazil Liverpool also contributed free cocktails to the top 3 individuals who accumulated the most number of steps.

In total the Challenge was a great success and they have now embarked on a Tour of South America. The group will visit the following countries one by one, finding out more about each country on their journey. By the end of February they will have visited every country in South America and learnt a lot of interesting facts about this continent.

Starting in Rio they will visit Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, the Falkland Islands, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana which is a grand total of 19,222,000 steps for February.

Wish them luck!

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