Monday, July 22, 2024

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Models Of Diversity Launch Their Petition Tour In Liverpool

GEMMA Flanagan, assistant Director for the disability section of charitable organisation Models of Diversity will be at Liverpool ONE tomorrow.  The organisation is in the midst of a petition campaign in which they want to end the discrimination that disabled models like Gemma face within the fashion industry. Gemma will be helping to start the Disabilityfight4fashionright petition tour as it seeks to promote the petition asking for disability to be regularly represented within fashion to reflect society.

The disability team, Elesha Turner, Katie Knowles, director Chelsey Jay and Gemma Flanagan will all be present, overseen by CEO Angel Sinclair. They’re keen to tap into local support from the disabled community. Models of Diversity want to reach out to followers in advance to let them know what’s happening, and inviting them to join in, because this is for everyone with a disability who doesn’t want to be discriminated against and wants to be part of this opportunity for change.

The campaign looks to engage with the wider community including schools because it promotes respect for diversity and illuminates the value of positive campaigning. The fashion industry does use disabled models for specific events, but the aim of the petition is to broaden the approach, in the spirit of equal opportunities, and to highlight that glamour and beautiful clothes are for everyone, and models can reflect that inclusiveness.


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