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It’s A Health Revolution!

A HEALTH revolution has begun in Liverpool which will change the face of care and help us all live longer, happier and healthier lives.

The radical plan brings health and care providers together and refocuses resources on helping us to stay well for longer, access services closer to home and need less hospital treatment.

On February 1, Healthy Liverpool – which is led by NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the City Council – launches a two-month campaign to gather the views of Liverpool residents about the biggest change to health and care in the city for a generation.

Under the plans, services will increasingly be provided in communities, including improved access to seven-day GP surgeries.

At the same time investment in new technology will help professionals join-up information and provide better treatment and illness prevention packages. Emergency care and hospital services are getting an overhaul, too, as the plan looks to ensure everyone has access to the right services, in the right place at the right time.

Healthy Liverpool AdAt the heart of Healthy Liverpool though lies the message that people must be supported to take more responsibility for their own wellbeing – especially as pressure grows on the already hard-pressed NHS. Doctors are urging us to turn away from unhealthy lifestyles and do more physical activity each and every day.

The pleas come amid overwhelming evidence that even small amounts of physical activity – such as a 20 minute walk or a riding a bike – dramatically cuts our chances of ending up in hospital.

Dr Nadim Fazlani, local GP and Chair of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, which is the organisation leading Healthy Liverpool, said: “This is a major plan to improve the health of people in the city and make sure our health and care system is focussed on the needs of patients; supporting more of us to stay well for longer and providing the best treatment and care when needed.

“Liverpool is a great city with a proud past and a promising future, but if we are to make the most of this future we do need to improve our health. Shockingly, people living in poorer parts of the city on average live 12 years less than people who live in more affluent areas. This needs to change.”

Dr Fazlani added: “When it comes to local health services we need to tackle both the issues we face now, and those that are on the horizon. Often our later years are over-shadowed by long-term conditions and coping with poor health is hard on people, their families, and NHS and care services.”

“In Liverpool we are fortunate to have some of the best health services in the country but we must change the way we do things.”

To get involved go to www., Twitter (@healthylvpool) and Facebook/ healthylvpool using #Healthy Liverpool.

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