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Brother of Elvis (Costello) To Play The Lantern

THIS Saturday Ronan MacManus the younger brother of Elvis Costello is bringing his new band to the Lantern Theatre for an exclusive gig.

 Brand New Zeros are a four-piece featuring Ronan MacManus, guitarist and songwriter Luke Dolan, and fellow BibleCode Sundays members Enda Mulloy(bass) and Carlton Hunt (drums).

Originally built around the songwriting partnership of singer Ronan MacManus & guitarist Luke James Dolan the band was formed by adding the pulsating rhythm section of bassist Enda Mulloy and drummer Carlton Hunt.

The band quickly became a tight unit and in April 2015 they relocated to Transmission Rooms Recording Studio in Drumlish, Ireland to record their debut album in just 3 days.

Now with an album and two successful tours under their belt they return to the Lantern to once again rip it up plus this time they’re bringing some great support with Ellie O’Keefe in tow.

Ronan says “Playing a gig on Merseyside is like a homecoming for me, our Grandad started it all playing in the band on the White Star line boats back in the 1920’s & 1930’s.”

“Then Dad who was born on Conway Street in Birkenhead continued the musical tradition with the Joe Loss orchestra and Declan has always kept his ties very close to the city.”

“Even our football roots are cemented here. Obviously Declan is a famous red but I’m an avid blue”

 “We still have a lot of family based up there, some who we had never met before, came to see us at last year’s gig at the lantern” 


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