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Dickensian Cast Hoping For ‘Some More’ For Those In Need This Christmas

THE cast of a new social satire based on the Charles Dickens classic tales are hoping to appeal to the sentiments of his original stories.

With echoes of Oliver Twist’s immortal request ‘Please Sir, may I have some more?’ audience members attending the premiere of New Dickensian are being asked to spare a thought for the less fortunate this Christmas by bringing along any items of tinned or dried food that they can spare. Any donations will be passed on by the show to various Wirral food banks, along with items from the performers themselves.

The term ‘Dickensian’ was coined to describe anything that reflects the dark, squalled, desperate times in which most of the ‘poor’ that peopled writer Charles Dickens’ books lived.

The more well-off characters were often a complete contrast to the homeless, crippled and thieving urchins that survived and worked on the busy streets of Victorian England. Dickens drew most of his inspiration for these litter-strewn rat-infested cobbled sewer-ways on what he had witnessed in Liverpool.

He was a committed campaigner for the abolition of the dreaded workhouses, including the notorious Birkenhead institution, which he helped close whilst tirelessly urging social reform for the most downtrodden of society.

In his song-cycle, New Dickensian, writer Dean Johnson and Mark Reed (son of the original Oliver! actor Oliver Reed) ask if we have returned to the bleak bedlam of Dickens’ age. It tells the story of one Ethan Shrewd, a high flying and ruthless stockbroker, and his beleaguered junior partner, single parent Rob Cadgit.

Thursday 10th December 2015 – 7.30 pm

The Lantern, 57 Blundell Street, L1 0AJ

Box Office: 0151 703 0000




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